Anyone who knows Kristin Wilson knows of her humor, her wit, and her silly please-laugh-at-me-so-I-can-make-you-smile ways.
Smooth, Warm, Friendly, Happy, and Sassy.

With a dash of subtle spunk (and sometimes not so subtle), Kristin Wilson has thrown herself into the music world again. Working with only the best that NE Ohio has to offer, Kristin wants to share with you experiences, stories, emotions, and most of all a driven passion for life, love, and music.
Always an advocate for the underdog, Kristin brings raw lyrics, multiple genres, and relatable scenarios in her writing.
She does not do this to ensure that she is popular - she writes what she wants because someone out there has felt or is feeling what Kristin has felt at one time or another.
Everything recorded is with a sense of compassion, despite how conflicting the lyrics may be.

So enjoy - you may. You may not. And that's ok. It is the diversity of each other that makes us realize our own blessings.

A positive force, Kristin is full with the best intent, passion, and outcome of her music, her career, and those who surround her.

Kristin's new single is now on iTunes.

Get It Right - Single - Kristin Wilson